Nordic Copper


Schmidt Edelstahl is not only a reliable partner in the field of pattern-rolled stainless steel surfaces, but also with regard to copper/brass in all its different varieties.

Our collaboration with Aurubis is a solid partnership with one of the world's leading suppliers of non-ferrous metals and world market leader in copper recycling. Over 150 years of experience speak for themselves. Together we create new opportunities in the fields of object design and architecture. Experience our well-known rolling patterns made of this fascinating material, as you have NEVER experienced it before.

Under the brand name Nordic Copper, Aurubis has developed a large number of factory-applied surface treatments in recent decades for the immediate production of a wide range of oxidation and patination stages for copper alloys. These surface treatments are closely related to the natural processes of oxidation and patination. As an additional refinement we offer the same individual pattern rolling that you are already familiar with from the stainless-steel sector. Therefore, you are not only free to choose from different materials, cuts and thicknesses, but you can also select an individual pattern

Nordic Copper